August 17, 2011

A trip to the Bog

During our stay in South Acworth, we had two friends come visit us from NY. Angela and Jamilah had a genuine camping experience as our tent guests for two nights, and for a local excursion we went to the Philbrick-Cricenti Bog.
It is a nearby natural wonder, a funky and creepy place to learn all kinds of hands-on stuff about a bog. It is great to see the local groups that have organized to preserve the space.  

For me, the word bog conjures scenes from fantasy novels filled with misty forests, bubbling dark pools and nebulous forces. And while there's something disconcerting about stepping onto the spongy moss, the bog we visited was not quite the dark and sinister Fire Swamp I had imagined.

Angela, David, Jamilah and I set out to explore the Philbrook, Cricenti Bog in New London, New Hampshire.

Remember, you must stay on the path.
Why? Pull up the stick...
...below you are 20 feet of water. There are whole cows and horses down there, probably pretty well-preserved.

The Quaking Loop
The ground shakes and jiggles beneath you like a waterbed. A path two planks wide provides support.

Jamilah, David & Angela... all staying on the path.

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