August 1, 2011

California Practice

We spent two weeks in Oakland visiting Chris and Tania, my (Dave's) brother and sister-in-law. We had a fantastic time with them, enjoying the local scenery around Almeda and Berkeley. Their neighborhood is really quite nice despite some rougher elements and we spent a great deal of time at their newly purchased house, helping them in the early phases of lawn construction and exterior tweaking. Several of our anticipated workstays will involve similar kind of labor during parts of our days, so we welcomed the elementary carpentry work that was done to enclose their washroom, as well as the rubble clearing and brick retrieval that cleared the way for their ultimate dream patio. 

We look forward to seeing what happens in the final execution but it was great to be there and contribute to Chris and Tania's home. We're hoping to entice them into a visit at some point later in the visit so look for them to show up again in these pages.

Dave and Christina, wedding reception-ready
At right, the man of the hour Evan Jones, plus some of his wedding party, plus Bradts
Aforementioned Bradts, thoughtful and capable.
Orienting ourselves on an Oakland freeway; I was thinking The Matrix Reloaded but Christina went with The Scream 
Wook and Bradt construction, Door 1
Wook and Bradt construction, Door 2
Laying groundwork for brick laying

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