Travel Itinerary

Our European adventure is a work in progress. We are open to chance encounters, surprise visits, and meandering routes.


New Jersey.  Thanks to my generous sister, we have a home base in Northern NJ. We stored our belongings in the garage and settled in the spare bedroom.


New Hampshire. We arrived just in time for the town Fourth of July party.

Oakland, California. Not only did we visit with family and friends, but we began to practice in earnest for the coming adventure.


New Hampshire. We returned to NH to continue our practice with a round of house sitting, a foray into canning and my first experience with chickens, which was not as reminiscent of Belinda as I might like.

New Jersey. We return to our home base for the fall.

Rough Trip Itenerary

Oct 22-Nov. 22: Lower Saxony, Germany  - A small family farm.

Nov. 11- Nov. 14: Bradt/Marrero takes over Berlin, Germany.

Nov. 22- Nov. 26: Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Dec. 1-Dec. 15: Lucern, Switzerland – A family owned dairy farm.

Dec. 16-Jan. 5: Tallin, Estonia - A visit with our friend Liisa.

Jan. 6- Jan 9: Viva la Paris, France for the big 30th Birthday! Woo-hooo!

Jan. 10 - Jan. 24: Algarve, Portugal - A small family farm and B&B

Feb. 1- Feb. 27: Roma, Italy: Castelli International School  

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