August 17, 2011

Harvesting Vegetables

Later in our New Hampshire stay we had training in house-sitting, looking over the estate of our good friends the Lords for two weeks in August. They left for vacation right as many parts of their garden were producing, so we were tasked with using as many veggies as we could. Fresh cukes, zukes, squash, all were good, but the enormous bounty of green beans offered more preserving opportunities. We tried our hand at one of our favorites to eat, dilled green beans. The recipe came from an excellent book on preservation, Putting Food By.  Find the recipe for Dilly Beans in our recipe page. We also learned about the onions, garlic, broccoli and greens we were able to harvest and enjoy. The onions and garlic we dried out for storage, while we briefly flash-boiled the broccoli before freezing it, which is a good technique for freezing many types of vegetables. We paid the Lords back with some dilly beans, who will hopefully report on how they turned out. Not soggy we hope.
Dilly Beans ingredient rundown: deluxe glacial himilayan salt, red pepper flakes, fresh dill heads, fresh garlic, and crisp green beans. All fresh, and if we count this guy and ourselves as part of a global community, then all local.

Pint Jars in boiling water bath (10 minutes max!); 'bout two inches of space above tops of the jars

Killer mason jar tongs allow for easy extraction. Guy Fieri sponsors our equipment line.

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