August 17, 2011

Coming to a Close

In just a few days the New Hampshire phase of Our Year will come to a close. We'll say goodbye to the animals we've cared for, the people we've bonded with, the gardens we've tended to and the bounty of fresh, delicious foods we've enjoyed. For a big city girl like me, my time here has been a pleasantly enriching surprise.

Beautiful Lake Willoughby, in northern Vermont.
 I learned quite a bit. For example:

-David has many talents...

He can also juggle despite my valiant attempts to distract him.
He can communicate with chickens, even though this one is stonewalling him.

-I like dogs. Especially this sweet one - a welcome part of our house sitting duties.

- I'm not too bad at lawn games. Croquet and bacci ball are particularly fun with a refreshments cart (even if the house is but steps away).

- It's important to keep an eye on the zucchini, especially after a good rain. We found quite a few submarine sized veggies in the garden.

- In the case of an impending storm, stay home. A pleasant mountain hike can quickly derail when the lightning begins.

My summer in New Hampshire was rather different than I envisioned. With the absence of television, and the distractions of urban life came the opportunity to read, to learn, to cook, to reflect and ultimately to connect. Acworth truly marks the beginning of Our Year for me. I'm excited about whatever else may be in store.

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