October 23, 2011

Hamburg Arrival

Our last drink stateside 

We arrived in Hamburg at 10:30am local time. We decided to begin our travels by navigating the subway. After some deliberation and quite a few glances at the map, we purchased tickets and began our trek to our hotel. 

Not the NYC subway performers we're used to.

Hamburg is a beautiful city.  It has more bridges than Venice and Amsterdam combined. 

We spent our first afternoon walking the streets of Hamburg in search of some German fair. 

Weiner Schnitzel (a fried veal cutlet with delicious bacon flavored potatoes) and Labaskaus ( a traditional dish of Hamburg consisting of corned beef, beets, and potatoes topped with a fried egg) Dave's Labaskaus also came with a very pungent pickled fish - an acquired taste for sure. 

Dave's first drink in Europe. 

After our first hot and delicious German meal we returned to our hotel to rest. A long day of travel, coupled with some serious jet lag, left us exhausted. 

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